Yayyyy!! Let's goooo!

From now on, I'll be switching to Fedora Silverblue from Arch Linux!

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Today I learned!

The GNU C standard libraries contain some easter eggs....

(the ED error is a reference to the Ed standard Unix editor)

RT @Inochi2D@twitter.com

Inochi2D is a in-development open source real-time 2D puppet animation suite and specification written in , allowing the end user to create and animate puppets in real time through various methods, including face tracking.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Inochi2D/status/15

So I have been going to my backlog again today and done some work to rebase Echidna Code's codebase to the Rust Meson template from GNOME Builder.

That means I can now add my own icons, metadata, and implement settings for Echidna. YAYYY!

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