My automatic feeder has done a crash. I have this thing for so long already (probably 6-8 years) and it still runs on the same four C batteries.

As a kid my parents taught me to not believe everything I see on #TV, now I have to teach them to not believe everything they see on #Facebook.

Brief moment of fox stress so I made a replacement for my bracelet. Had to sorta reverse engineer the old one to create a new one, but it worked out well.

It’s basically threads of blue and pink yarn, braided together and tied β€œpermanently” together.

The old one I found in the forest on one of my walks and wore it ever since. The threads broke one by one over time and eventually I could not wear it any more.

I’m a 44 year old male. I like making this kind of stuff and wearing it too.


Being nearly split in half by one's new boyfriend "echoes" on the next day.

*requires softer seat*

"Love is in the air" is currently played on the radio. Is it a message? *nervousness increasing*

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