OCR Output (chars: 1199) 

Image 1:
' 2 They are not ‘fighting’, Israelis
So aren't Israelis are the oppressors and

and Palestinians Palestinians are the oppressed
just fighting over

and the situation is about
anything but religion.


Image 2:
Isn't it just an
argument over land

between Muslims and
Jews though?


No it is not. Before the creation of
‘Israel’ only 73 years ago, Palestinian

Christians, Jews and Muslims all
peacefully co-existed in Palestine.

The Palestinian Christian community
is the oldest Christian community

in the world.

Image 3:
Yes there are, there are also
Palestinian Jews, like the
Samaritans who reside in Nablus,
both are oppressed by ‘Israel’. The
point is, making the suffering of
Palestinians seem like a religious
conflict is factually incorrect.

Oh there are


Image 4:
There is no ‘fighting’, there is only
Israeli colonisation, ethnic cleansing,
military occupation, and apartheid.

So if they're not
ighting over religion

When I say ‘Israel’ I am referring
what are they to a group of people, a group
fighting over? of settlers, who are colonising



OCR Output (chars: 444) 

How are they
able to do that

to Palestinians? I


It's because they have the support of
other settler colonies like the United States,
Australia, Canada and also support from
former colonial powers like the UK, France,
Belgium and others. For them to call out
Israel, they would have to start to answer
questions about their own existence,
about reparations and justice, for

the people they colonised.

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