Having bad grades or economic struggles does not make a child a criminal, and it shouldn't subject them to police harassment. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/03/pasc

Hmmmm, a security breach in cloud security cameras. Who would have expected that providing live video streams into the cloud is risky?

The proposed EU Digital Services Act got it right to focus on procedural safeguards for free speech. But there is a risk that the bill becomes a public-private censorship model. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/03/twit

This is not consent. Amazon drivers should not be forced to submit to biometric surveillance as a condition of keeping their jobs. twitter.com/LaurenKGurley/stat

EFF's Executive Director, Cindy Cohn, talked to @techradar about the challenges of surveillance before, during, and after the pandemic: "The biggest change is that everyone now gets what we have long been talking about."

Kudos to the @suntimes Ed Board for raising the alarm: "Under the guise of helping small businesses, lawmakers are trying to repeal or eviscerate Illinois’ pioneering Biometric Information Protection Act." chicago.suntimes.com/2021/3/16

Amazon is forcing delivery drivers to undergo surveillance of their location, movement, and biometric data. And if they don't sign the "consent" form? They are fired.


A Retrospective Look at Mac OS X Snow Leopard

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Woman who received $9,300 electric bill sues wholesale electric provider

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@Genen the Fed has to approve if you want to be a bank, so is this not Government sensor-ship or are we going to pretend the Fed is not part of the Government


This account is inspired by the awesome @FuckOffGoogle initiative in Berlin.

Is there anybody interested to protest against Google in #Zurich too?

Thousand postcards like this are awaiting to be distributed around the Google campus...


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