Quarter-Final: vs . Which do you prefer?

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#Debian has higher standards of quality & higher standards of software freedom than #elementaryOS. The ElementaryOS project also relies on #CloudFlare which proliferates exclusivity.

@resist1984 @freetechproject How about the fact that elementary tried to scam people before they even downloaded the iso by showing them a fake paywall that they have to figure out they can enter a amount of 0 themself before getting to the download. The company and the mentality of the people behind @elementary is disgusting.

@Alexmitter @resist1984 @freetechproject we would appreciate it if you stopped spreading lies about elementary, a 100% open source project that is deeply involved with the free desktop community. elementary OS is considered a paid product, as is allowed and encouraged by the Free Software Foundation and the very GPL license that we use. We’ve written about this at length, including why we continue to offer a $0 option.

@Alexmitter @resist1984 @freetechproject if you have issues with elementary OS or the humans behind it, then you are free to just not use it! But actively spreading FUD about an open source project that works with others and aims to do a net good in the world is just hurting the cause—and encourages continued harassment of our community members.

@elementary @resist1984 @freetechproject Then stop hiding your free download button behind that fake paywall. Stop calling people who don't want to pay a company who mainly takes from other projects "cheaters". Stop being so horrible. We all remember that blog post, we know every word of it was serious.

All you do is make a fancy looking shameless OSX clone DE, you give back nothing to those you rely on, including canonical, GNU, Gnome, Linus.

You deserve all that criticism you call FUD.

@Alexmitter Man.

Calm your fucking tits.

Nobody owes you a thing. Even if they were explicitly selling ElementaryOS (which they're not, as $0 option is still there if you're smart enough to use it), there's nothing preventing them from doing do. Free software is not "gratis", sometimes people want return on the time and effort.

Stop constructing some twisted moral code you expect other people to adhere to.

@elementary @resist1984 @freetechproject

@Alexmitter @resist1984 @freetechproject clearly you don't remember a blog post because you are literally misquoting our co-founder based on a smear article someone wrote several years ago—which itself misquoted and misconstrued what was written. Cassidy has repeatedly apologized for the confusion and edited that blog post for clarity.

This is the spreading of lies and FUD that we're talking about.

@Alexmitter @resist1984 @freetechproject we also give thousands of dollars to open source projects, contribute gratis research and design resources, and provide valuable collaboration that helps steer projects like GNOME and Flatpak.

If you think that’s nothing, then we question what you do value.

@elementary @resist1984 @freetechproject I have yet to see a single useful commit from you guys :) Just one guy from Canonical, a single one has contributed more to the ecosystem your OSX clone is build on then your company as a whole.

@Alexmitter @resist1984 @freetechproject

1. Imagine thinking the only thing that had value was commits.

2. elementary contributors do directly contribute to GNOME, EDS, GTK, Flatpak, Vala, GLib, FreeDesktop, GStreamer, GSSO, and more.

It's like you're actually picking from the list of myths from half a decade ago.

Anyway, we're done here. You have wasted enough time of open source maintainers by continuing to spread lies. 🤷

@elementary @resist1984 @freetechproject Here is the disgusting original :)

If anything, this blog post was was written too honest for elementary standards.

Btw, greet Cassidy for me.

@Alexmitter @resist1984 @freetechproject yes, as the edit on the original blog post from over half a decade ago mentions, the original wording was poor and was revised. Still not at all what you mis-quoted, and you know that.

@resist1984 @freetechproject So #elementaryOS calls themselves "privacy-respecting" as the very 1st opening statement of their #CloudFlare website. #Hypocrisy indeed.

@freetechproject Apples to oranges, to be honest. You wouldn't install Elementary on a server.

@drq @freetechproject
Well Debian can be an Apple AND an Orange, since it can do both: Desktop and Server, so... more points to Debian i guess?

@maop The point is, those distros are aimed at completely different scenarios.

Debian is a "hacker" OS.

Elementary is a consumer product.

And we need both.


@drq @maop @freetechproject
Pretty sure Debian is the opposite of a "hacker" OS with it's stability (and that's a good thing!)

@drq @freetechproject i don't know about that...

Anyway i dont think this 'contest' is defining anything real, is just for fun... dont need to be sooo strict about who is vs who...

@freetechproject Loving the flame wars in these comments. Fact is, the $0 option is not made obvious and this gives the impression that elementary is not free, which seems to me like pointing a gun at your market share and pulling the trigger.

@omichalek @freetechproject I don't have much knowledge about containers. The ones I use have no GUI.

@Yop this wouldn't actually run in a container, you would just install the packages (they say layer them): but no guarantees, I haven't tried

@freetechproject Wow, the most interesting thing is to see the high percentage that Elementary obtained. I will give it a new chance

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