Know someone still a little terrified of technology? Our online workshops are free and open to adults in South Yorkshire, UK! (And yes we promote free and open source as much as possible too!)

Were less than ONE WEEK away from these workshops - the first of their kind for us! Still places left. Here are just a few things we'll be discussing...

📣 Whether you're a concerned citizen, campaigning group, or community organisation, these online workshops will be of interest! ✊💻 Drop us a line to register - free for adults in South Yorkshire!

Spread the word! You can get perks by supporting us for a fiver, a tenner, or fifteen quid per month!

Wanting to understand Zoom, know your way around your device, and use technology without fear? Help is at hand -- FREE for adults in Sheffield! Get in touch to sign up! More info here:

NEXT WEEK! We look at the ethical and free alternatives to Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac: operating systems! What Linux is, how to get it, and how easy it is to use! Want to join us? Get in touch!

Last week's session, Grappling with Google, showed us many alternatives to Google's services, including maps! Here we are looking at the amazing @openstreetmap !

The Super Six are coming! Free online sessions tackling a tech topic each week for adults in South Yorkshire! Know someone who might be interested? Please share! Info here:

HUGE news! We're offering FREE online technology-focused workshops for ALL adults across ALL of South Yorkshire for the first time ever! Can we help you or someone you know? Get in touch! More info here:

Know someone struggling with ? We run free online workshops, currently open for adults in South Yorkshire - but also offer support via Friends of FreeTech Project for people around the world! You may know someone who wants to join:

Good news! MORE FREE ONLINE WORKSHOPS ARE COMING UP! The FreeTech Project team are busy working away to set these up. If you'd like to stay in the loop, you can get our (spam-free) newsletter by doing a quick sign-up on our website:

Our online workshops proved popular in 2020 for obvious reasons; it's a demand we aim to meet more in 2021. Interested in taking part, or just want to receive updates about what we're up to? You can sign up for our (non-spammy!) newsletter via our website!


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