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Bodhi Linux is a beautiful nod to the old-school ways tek.io/3eHi2EU via @techrepublic

Congratulations to on winning our fun tournament! (Over on Twitter, the winner was !)

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It's time for the GRAND FINAL of our tournament! vs . Which do you prefer? Vote now!

@Yop Linux Mint lost out to openSUSE in the previous round. We chose all the top 16 distros listed at the time on DistroWatch and reshuffled them into alphabetical order! Some tough results! And some painful ones to us! 😆

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Semi-Final: vs . Which do you prefer?

Semi-Final: vs . Which do you prefer?

The FINAL FOUR of our tournament are , , , . 🐧 The winner of the Twitter tournament, , has been eliminated! 😮 So we'll crown a brand-new tourney champion here on Mastodon soon! But before the Finals next week, it's now time for the Semi-Finals! Are you ready? Submit your votes to send two distros into the Finals...!

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