Know someone still a little terrified of technology? Our online workshops are free and open to adults in South Yorkshire, UK! (And yes we promote free and open source as much as possible too!)

Denmark bans Chromebooks and Google Workspace in schools over data transfer risks

Stay fresh! 🧊 Get LibreOffice 7.3.5, our newest update – released today. It includes 83 bugfixes and compatibility improvements:

Even if you've asked Facebook not to track you in your iPhone privacy settings, "FB is using the accelerometer on your iPhone to track a constant stream of your movements," says @UKZak.

#DeleteFacebook to stop their sneaky data harvesting.

Original tweet :

After Facebook and Google, it's now Amazon's turn to show us how to NOT handle private data:

Make sure to at least protect your emails!

How some of the earliest distributions evolved and came into being as we know them today:

Which web browser do you use? Explain why in the comments (especially if none of these!)

@davidoclubb Hi! It's been rescheduled to later in the month but we'd love to have you involved yes and hopefully be able to support you in doing something similar! Feel free to email: info<at>libredigital<dot>org

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