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📣 Whether you're a concerned citizen, campaigning group, or community organisation, these online workshops will be of interest! ✊💻 Drop us a line to register - free for adults in South Yorkshire!

This is a fascinating read: "Our phones are blamed for distracting us from engaging with the people we are next to, and social media is demonized for creating inauthentic personas and relationships....We investigate how technologies are being used to create connections and experiences of virtual presence between people who are physically distanced to tackle the problem of loneliness."

As FreeTech Project settled into delivering online in 2021, we enjoyed the opportunity to offer workshops for the whole of South Yorkshire for the first time ever, thanks to funding from South Yorkshire's Community Foundation, building on previous support from the National Lottery Community Fund. Here's an insight into how the workshops went!

Because of the pandemic, our workshops in Greater Bentley had to switch from in-person at the community library to online -- we were still able to help the group retain skills and tools to take steps towards sustainability. Here's a video reflecting on the group's success!

Audacity was recently bought by Muse Group, there's no end to controversies after that. Should you ditch Audacity? What about its fork?

Spread the word! You can get perks by supporting us for a fiver, a tenner, or fifteen quid per month!

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has confirmed it is investigating Apple and Google over their dominant position in the mobile phone market.

Wanting to understand Zoom, know your way around your device, and use technology without fear? Help is at hand -- FREE for adults in Sheffield! Get in touch to sign up! More info here:

Bodhi Linux is a beautiful nod to the old-school ways via @techrepublic

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