well, it's just a normal boring working day for me, as I'm not a student, already working in a gaming company, in charge of the overseas marketing business. my company provides meals everyday, but the lunch...ehhh, I have to say it really sucks! > <// though it's free... and u can call me Freya.
so how'r ur day today? anything interesting happened? or anything troubled u recently?

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@freyaruan well that's so normal, and i love it >. <! cause maybe is something that you do every day, but like, for me is so interesting, knowing a completely new person, a completely whole universe uwu and well about that, i work too, in some projects, the school is just not for me, its not me kind of thing so I'm not studing too and well that's sound amazing, i love video games since i was a childOwO, that's awesome uwu.
oh well free is cool, maybe is not the best thing but is freeright at

@freyaruan atleast thats something good and for sure.
me name is not 28ctoher obviously xD, so you can call me Kened or Hazel how you prefer uwu

and well, basically today is a pretty good day, cause ihave the priviledge to know someone so cool, nice and interesting uwu

@freyaruan yeah, i mean i don't have any complain with the free things 😂 and well, I'm just working independently right know, at least until i have more solid prototypes of my ideas. some of these are, concept about user interaction between an all in one OS, some music projects and of course ideas for videogames, comics or maybe a book i don't knowxd

@28ctoher sounds like u r an computer engineer? so u are producing ur own app? something like that?
well, sometimes I get confused about my future too, as I'm not quite sure what am I going to do after the age of 35 or 40, time just pasts so quick that I'm not sure what will happen then.

@freyaruan i don't beelieve in plans, i just do what i have todo to reach what i want, cause i mean, i think that today is a gift, the past its a promise but tomorrow, the future itself it's something that is not sure:o
sorry if i get so intese but i just love to feel completely the conversation, just enjoy it the most uwu and of course thanks again for read me 👌❤

@freyaruan focused on make things simplier and not more complicated like we apparently love to do with technology, as humans we love so hard to make thingsso complicated 😂

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