@frostknight @emacsen no, pocket reform has a completely different battery system. our hardware fix for reform (protected battery boards) is now available in our shop.

@frostknight @alx exactly what you said, i was in the middle of development/debugging, my dog was barking, i didn't know who the person was—it's just jarring.

open hardware RISC-V system with Kintex-7 FPGA. ddr3, sd card, ethernet, usb, hdmi (1920x1080) works. the final step will be embedded displayport so it can be put in the actual laptop. based on LiteX.

Found sites I don't need an account for to download & use their sound effects, and am now trying to find something distinctive against my link & ascending earcons... Found one that way I'm not particularly fond of...

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This is a good time to point out that .art has a zero tolerance policy for racism and racism-apology, and especially worth mentioning given recent fedi events, anti-Blackness. It is not acceptable, and as I have control over this little corner of the 'net, the least I can do is do my best to make .art a safe space for non-white, and particularly Black, people.

If you see it on .art, send a report. If you see it elsewhere on fedi, send a report. Err on the side of caution and report it.


more info & possibility to subscribe to updates for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign crowdsupply.com/mnt/pocket-ref

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Yeah it's like read life lemmings now!


P.S Fill in your profile btw (everyone!) so it doesn't look like your a plain lemming :)

coming very soon: MNT Reform Camera. Open Hardware, USB-C 3.0, standard video class device, fixed focus (adjustable), up to 2592x1944 resolution.

(photos show 3d printed case, production version will be aluminum)

@lina price won't be cheaper, but we can give a discount on MNT Reform without iMX8MQ

@mntmn This has been a long time coming. Glad it is finally happening. Just placed my preorder. Let's GO!

I don't always commit treason but when I do... I do it to get my own way, stay MAGA by friends!

sponsored by yours truly...

I wish comedians had made this joke a long time ago, like a few weeks after JAN 6.


@Truck it's all fine, it's not available to order yet; merely a placeholder page at this point.

@mntmn Question, btw, have you seen this before?
Wondering if you were aware of this project.
Seems better open source wifi cards, are most definitely in the future, as well as other stuff.

did two MNT Reform customer motherboard repairs. the problems were surprising:
- on board one, eDP link failed. solution was to replace U10 (SN65DSI86)
- board two consumed massive power when idle. Q17 was burning hot. the solution was to remove schottky D5 which was shot (weird)

@mntmn comparing this to usual scenarios like 'the motherboard is bust, get a new one' (or worse yet, 'your laptop is bust, get a new one') this sounds like a future I'd love living in!

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