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seeing on trending. havent played that in like 3 months and that was the Wii U version.

sorry for being quiet. got locked out then family issues hit and blah blah blah. but im back! whats news?

People of , whats your preferred operating system?

legit is one of the nicest communities ive been apart! everyone is just so kind!

hello! im alive dont worry! trying to figure out how i can merge all my tweets onto here

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It took 10 hours but the timelines finally caught up. @Claire and I identified a few performance issues that only become evident once there's a ton of activity.

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mastodon feels very lively with the local timeline

i gotta say. in a few hours. mastodon has gone from being straight up unusable to being an amazing platform

heyy❤️ anyone know any good ios clients >_<

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hey im fullpwn. i develop tools for the Wii U homebrew community


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