Hi folks, I’m trying my hand at this fediverse thing. I’m a 23 y/o anti-fascist from Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. I’m doing a PhD so much of my time is spent reading (which I do enjoy), but I also love movies, especially queer ones (boxd.it/38zY5 for my letterboxd hehe), gaming (currently replaying the Batman Arkham games), and trying to do more local mutual-aid work to make sure we’re best prepared for this increasingly shitty world we’re living in 😪

#OtD 2 May 1933, German Nazis abolish all labour unions: police units occupy all trades union offices, union officials and leaders are arrested and union funds appropriated libcom.org/library/nazism-and-

Here, a good interaction is one where information is transferred (implying the receiver actually *wants* the information you're sending), and I'd argue if you're doing it right a successful interaction is one where information is *exchanged*.
This place is not ad-driven, and as such things like follower count, page views, and RTs don't actually matter. Sure your numbers were bigger on twitter, but interactions here actually *mean* something.

It’s striking how positive things are here in comparison to Twitter.

Even the “smash the state” crowd seems to be more about prefiguration and mutual aid, and less about violence.

It’s hard to know just how well fed your negative biases are until you remove their food source.

I appreciate you folks.

International Workers' Day.

It's either May 1st, or the first Monday of May.

The eight-hour work-day, the weekend, workers' compensation, living wage laws...

So if anyone is still looking for an instance or you want to help start a community, you can join here!


It's gonna be a pretty wholesome place so if you are interested you can join. If you are already happy where you are at least help me boost so more people know of it :P

#boostswelcome #boostsappreciated #newinstance

Good morning!

Started the day by blocking three very gross (racism, transphobia, homophobia, alt-right 4chan type stuff) instances from federating with .art, and sharing the instances with other networks to also ban.

This is how your instance admins keep the fediverse safe, and ends up with places like that screaming into their own little voids.

Yet another way the fediverse is better than corporate-owned social media :D

Have a lovely, gentle day, all! :artpaw:


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