I love direct messages - if you follow me, message me.,

my cat beliieves "out of the house" does not exist, and refuses to go there. Today i am copying my cat.

not just an FB problem. the entire internet has slowed to a crawl. rumor says its people installing fiber optics - though the cats have doubts about that. i say its mice chewing the lines.

i lewarned that mastodn social and mastodon online are two different servers.

four days of hospital and trying to log in here. finally fixed. one rotten pumpkiin pie.

the other one yells and begs for attention, insisting she is alive and real. we have to examine her circumstance and clothes, and try to convince her that she is welcome but hshe is already a ghost. its a more difficult proof.

The annoying dream is only noteworthy for how long it was, chat after chat about "home made wine" with people I barely know. I think they doont even drink wine. People wont stop and memes are more of an FB thing. No I dont want any wine. Pound a nail through that stupid night.

I think the monster storm is spent. Itll be interesting if New York gets anything.

staying awake for the thunderstorms tonight. new torado watch for kentucky tennesssee. watch means conditions are probable - tornado does not exist right now.

Al Unser Sr died today - I met him in person 1987. Valvoline Cummins.

"monster storm" has arrived. What will I expect tonight?

When an NFL player dies at 33 and they take time to say "foul play was not an issue" it leaves a lot of confusion about why he died. Interesting. nfltraderumors.co/former-bronc

Ranbling around this diry old town, singing for nicles and dimes. Times are rough, I dont have enough, somebody buy me a bottle of wine.

“Rules for thee, not for me” has been the unwritten motto of politicians across the planet

leg pain is killing me today, so I am indoors on mastodon all day. DM me whatever trash you have.

IT is still interesting how to write an adult woman and have her interact with my characters. it wont be a real person, just another adult like her. maybe a haunting anywhere

"enough sugar to kill an elf" studies reveal this amount is 300 grams per kilogram of body weight. You end up with a nicely dried and preserved elf.

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