*Florence + the Machine voice* Did I build this ship too shrek?

Is cupping therapy just kink for people who don’t want to admit they’re into being consensually hurt??

Reading theory, especially anarchist theory, isn’t just about your own personal understanding, it’s also about sharing, teaching, synthesizing, and practicing what you learn. If you instead use theory to gatekeep and make it a prerequisite to conversation you’re a piece of shit and give theory a bad reputation.

In Adventure Time the Lich turning into Sweet P and everyone’s acceptance of the change is a metaphor for transformative justice. In this essay I will...

If anyone has told you New Year’s Resolutions are dumb or that 2021 will be the same as 2020, just know that they’re wrong. It’s okay to celebrate. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to be excited for the future.

Things that happened in 2020 that I’m grateful for: 1. WAP

"Hot girl shit" is gender-neutral but cis men aren't allowed to use it

*jamming to the Bee Gees “More Than a Woman” and pretending like it’s an afab non-binary anthem*

“You asked and we listened. Our new drone bombers are now 100% solar powered and made of recycled gamer fuel™️ Mountain Dew cans.”

Impossible to quantify how relaxing it has been being off of Instagram

5) We really cannot be relying on other people alone to tell us what is right. That kind of giving away of our power primes us for abuse and manipulation which is rampant on the left and which hardly goes effectively addressed. Not to mention it shouldn't be other people's job to tell us what to do and think. No bosses, right?

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personal growth & integrity in the left: a thread

1)I've been thinking a lot about how important personal growth work is in the left. Like specifically if we want to create futures based on cooperation and mutual aid, we need to be highly aware of ourselves, our values, our needs and limitations, and we need to be skilled in interpersonal conflict.

US politics/oligarchy 

Imagine calling yourself a leftist and then doing this

Enjoying myself, just to spite all this other bullshit that's happening

Look, you wana be an abolitionist? That includes horny jail.

I’ll be re-posting some of my faves here so they may live on in a better place

it’s very punk rock and sexy of us to care about other people actually i’m tired of apathy and nihilism we CAN and SHOULD build a softer world if only because it is within our power and imagination to do so

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