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Pride, job searching, queer allies, kinda fed up 

The job search website Indeed has a Progress Flag logo right now, and a nice message about helping various types of queers find work.

On one hand, I appreciate that it's not just the usual six-color rainbow flag, and includes the colors for POC and trans people. That feels like a bit more of a statement than "yay gays!", especially for an employment site. The tips on interviewing and being inclusive are a good move.

On the other hand, considering how hard I've been nailed for being openly trans and trying to find and keep work in the past couple of years, it just rubs it in.

It's nice to see progress being made. But just talking about success rates still whitewashes the awful unemployment and poverty rates, which are directly linked to depression and health problems, especially for non-white and non-cis queers.

Make people see the statistics. Show that unemployment is a fucking emergency for queers, especially in a nation where medical care is tied to having a job.

If you're an ally, hire us, or donate to our Paypals so we can eat while we keep looking for a place we won't be bullied into quitting.

I'm done celebrating, until these facts are front and center.


boost iff you support voter's choice*

*abolishing the electoral college

techbros be like

:awesome:​ machine learning to mine your data more efficiently

πŸ˜’ machine learning to improve automatic closed captioning

Chilling Reign day! Oh it was yesterday… whatever. It’s today for me and that’s exciting.

cw chauvin mention, swears 

Damn am I glad that’s over. Fuck Chauvin. But now we must keep doing the work. This is only the beginning...

Finally had my main sexwork Instagram account deleted. Looks like I’ll be here a lot more now... πŸ‘€

I think children's shows should have less heterosexuality in them

internalized ableism 

caught myself thinking mutual aid isn't something that applies to me bc i have nothing to give in return and that's a feeling I would like to completely obliterate in the coming new year

#disability #MutualAid

porn mention 

Inspire me to make more porn please

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