Now playing, the latest release from the greatest band you've never heard of, 'Elegy for the Anthropocene' by The Brownfields.

Props to my Brother, Mark Kenneth King for these fine tunes.


Finally... My dipshit, redneck neighbor and i agree on something. Guess Grandpa Joe really is uniting us. 😜🙄😏

Community is a tribute album dedicated to the work of Ian Curtis, Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner of the bands New Order and Joy Division that was released in 2004.

And just like that.... COVID is over and the hourlong commute has returned...🤪😖

Grocery Store Receipt 

Anyone who thinks clipping coupons isn't worthwhile is so wrong... i've really improved my grocery shopping game as i've aged. This is a personal best for me. my previous savings record for one shopping trip was $32. 😜😂🤘🏼🧙‍♂️

"Hairy Ice" forms on rotting wood when the humidity is near 100%, the temperature is just below freezing, and the fungus, Exidiopsis effusa is present. There were blooms of this hairy ice literally everywhere on our walk this morning. We've never seen anywhere near this much in our 25 years of wandering the Pacific NW.


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