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Ok, something completely different - BW pixelart picture, I was playing with dithering.
It’s standard hires mode for commodore 64 (used in demo by Elysium) but technically more or less the same as other hires modes for ‘retro machines’
#pixelart #c64 #commodore64 #8bit #MastoArt

talked to some nice people about what I do via Alice Bradshaws art lab series here ( I'm halfway through the stream) interesting experience explaining what i do to none glitch people !

Another in an increasingly sporadic introduction to series on artists I consider to be worth more attention Dafna Ganani , really good work and website

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Eigentlich schade, dass Krähen in den Geschichten immer eher als etwas Böses, Unheimliches dargestellt werden. Es sind doch so schöne und intelligente Tiere...
#bird #vogel #birdphotography #vogelfotografie #krähe #crow #nikon #nikond850 #mywork #myphoto
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You can order ony of my prints with free shipping till April 3rd and it's not a Prima Aprilis joke!

Also if you want anything from here as a print, let me know:

#moa #prints

Todays random artist plucked from internet trawling - interesting stuff

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