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Magawa, the rat, who got a gold medal for his heroism, is retiring from his job of sniffing out landmines in Cambodia's countryside.

But a crew of new trainees is ready for duty.


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Hey everybody, my little figure drawing group on Discord is hosting a live drawing session with model via video tonight!
19:00 CEST for two hours, model fee 8€ per person via Paypal.
It’s a lovely little group and a great way to break through our isolation, come by and sketch with us! 😌 Practicing is always more fun together - pass it on and let’s have a great evening!

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #drawing #anatomy #figuredrawing #discord

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Mini-timelapse. I created a rough 3D model as the basis for this one to simplify getting the perspective right. I think it worked well!

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An experiment with ray marching, signed distance functions and videos. The rendering of the sdf is heavily overlaid by the videos. It should not look like a perfect ray marching, but push the method to its limits. The scenes mostly consist of the combination of a few spheres. Sometimes the radius of the spheres are modified by the brightness of the video. After the ray marching rendering, the image is altered by a point raster, a feedback loop or by a contour finder.

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Here i have mixed different things. A signed distance function, rotating vertices and a feeback loop.


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When a protest rally looks like a painting by Magritte.

Culture professionals and event organizers protested against unfair treatment during covid today in Helsinki, by the parliament house.

Covid regulations were meticulously followed.

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Macalla (2021)

A web-art triptych about trees and humans.

What is it like to live your first ten years inside a tube? How would you explain this to your children?


No JavaScript. Conceptually written visual descriptions on all images. (Feedback on accessibility welcomed)

#art #trees #rewilding #planting #webArt #interactive #noJS

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hello fediverse world, hello #MastoArt community! I moved my pixelfed sketchbook to this lovely place :artaww:

I will post drawings, collages, prints and other visual ruins here (i do image descriptions). You can follow other toots from me at @fragmentscenario

i love to swap art, zines, books by mail 📨

#art #introduction

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I wrote a new blog post about some older work as part of the process of publishing work openly that had previoulsy only been seen within the Facebook walled garden .

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Hello v0.11.0!

We're 3 years old today and to celebrate we shipped a new version. 🥳

- Autocomplete Support
- Creative Commons Licenses
- Network Timeline
- Admin config settings
- Profile pronouns
- New admin dashboard layout
- Fresh about page layout
- Instance Rules
- New Home Timeline

Now available! #pixelfed #pixeldev

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site got an update, i naval gazed at issues in my drawings again that i seem to always forget, and i cant even fathom the issues i am blissfully unaware of still #drawing #mastoart

Stumbled across this the other day its pretty cool , works on win 10 but couldnt get it to compile on linux scratch that using this repo I have it up and running on linux mint 20.1

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