@jayrope goes very blurry ! its the product of running the same script 100 times on one image.

@glitchbyte i was just wondering, how to get to an image there, which would be flunt instead of tuttering

@glitchbyte Ha, goodness. Typo-slayer is in the room. I meant fluent. And not stuttering

@glitchbyte yes, fluid would work as well, but if the stutter would just b esped up to a minimum of movie rate, then this would alrady do. I wouldn't want to take radical character out of this, and i am also just curious, i could actually just rip this and speed it up in FCP or something

@glitchbyte I probably don't have the software for the script! Or is it JS/PHP?

@jayrope simple bash script , or I can upload that file to gdrive and you can download it from there.

@jayrope its put together at 7 frames per sec as I wanted to see the transitions to check the script was running as I wanted

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