@glitchbyte That beautiful, you go back to being a painter after all. Bravo. I might ask you for a cover artwork at some point...

@jayrope Though its not a painting ( its an original photograph of mine I took a long while back ) it does have painterly qualities in the way the glitch occurs! And always happy to cook up artwork for people.

@glitchbyte Is there a moving still-sort of version of this, as a hardcoded video or scripted to run in a browser?

@jayrope thats beyond my expertise level ! I could probably animate it though.

@glitchbyte Yeah, very very slowly animated. Some 20 years ago i worked a about animating still images, for personal fun & for a club in London, that played very slow music only & required visuals to go along with that, coining the term "moving still" for such visuals. I had animated digital photography w/ flash (oh well), later on with javascript (which was less fruitful, more obviously "code"-looking. I always dreamed about displaying that on digital paper instead of light emitting surfaces.

@jayrope @glitchbyte we'd be very very interested in learning more about your "moving still" work, have you ever written about it or is documented in any way?
visual style, techniques, equipment, details about music style, characteristics of the audience, reactions...

we usually make visuals for dancey electronic music, which is based on standardized rhythm structures and is somehow easy to follow - even to foresee.
sometimes instead we work with completely beatless / ambient or very slow music and that's a bit trickier, so we're interested in hearing and learning from others who went through similar experiences.

@pixelflowers I document most of what I do on my blog , though I haven't shared this particular script there yet, its based on ideas I talk about there. crash-stop.blogspot.com/?m=1

@glitchbyte I was asking @jayrope about their work in London, but I wasn't clear when mentioning

crash-stop.blogspot.com is amazing, both for the interesting thoughts and the precious code snippets. It's going to me some time to go through all of it but I plan to do so; it's been in my bookmarks bar for a few days now, which is how I track (a limited number of) "things I *really* need to go through"

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