which instantly got flagged with this - sooo he he he he yea

@glitchbyte That is weird. Sort of smells like there could be an automatic image analysis going on.


@jayrope yes, my thought as well. I would expect some kind of image analysis for obvious reasons , but it just seemed really odd , and then it's tagged as NSFW as well , not by me I might add , when in fact it's just text run through a convolution matrix . V v odd

@glitchbyte @jayrope have you been fascinated by this as much as I've been?

this is
- a group of machines
- having a discussion about what they're looking at
- seeing something we can't see
- deciding something we can't perceive is not appropriate for us to experience

@glitchbyte @jayrope I think @dansup may have the answer. I'm sure he's familiar with this machines-based moral committee :)

@pixelflowers @glitchbyte Just like any car driving itself. Curiou to hear the actual explanation, if devs know at all.

@glitchbyte nevermind about deepai.org, the demo doesn't seem to work

distorted but still NSFW images 

@glitchbyte @jayrope picpurify.com accepts your pic as SFW; on the other hand, it accepts two our pics that it should probably reject 🤖

distorted but still NSFW images 

@pixelflowers @jayrope would be fun to create a set of images using those ideas outlined in the paper , ie using gmic or suchlike displacement on a series of bland or plain images .

@pixelflowers @jayrope @dansup I thought it might be something like that, been too busy working on a collaborative project today to follow it up , but that's a good route to check .

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