Fediverse platforms should let users know which platform was from which account because domain names are often confusing. For example: If an account is registered on PeerTube, Mastodon would assign a tag to the account called "PeerTube account". Same way with other platforms, and vice versa. I think this needs to be in ActivityPub's code. Favorite and boost if you think this would be a great idea! 👍

@gmate8 server may not know the other server's platform, it can see a protocol. and messages can be reposted by other instances, relays, etc. Friendica shows a protocol that was used for transferring a message.
@iron_bug @gmate8 Friendica shows platform, not protocol. I don't know how exactly it is detected.
@shuro @gmate8 well, it sometimes shows both a server and a protocol, and you can select the protocols you want to read or ignore. internally, there's webfinger protocol information about each server that's used for discovery of services. there's some info about server's software version and supported protocols. but in ActivityPub there's no meaning in these details, because it's one common protocol and there should be no difference between realizations.
@shuro @gmate8 but basically, if you substitute the webfinger's info to something like "unknown service" with properly formed protocols links it will work. it should work like this. in particular realizations there may be some relies upon non-standard ways of services discovery, but this is not recommended. and AP itself has no discovery standard at all. so this is a way shady part of the whole network.

@gmate8 I would be more interested in a single account for multiple different software on the same instance level. Eg use the same account for pixelfed, peertube and mastodon on the same server network


While I agree to the first part, “ActivityPub's code” :
ActivityPub has no code.
ActivityPub has specifications.
And a conformance section:
e.g. “This designation applies to any implementation of the entirety of the server portion of the client to server protocol.”

So, the problem is that the softwares are maybe not conformant, otherwise it would not be needed.
What would be the main benefit for you?


I forgot:
It just came to my mind that if we are talking about the specifications,
what you mean is there.

It is the `generator` property. See

If it is filled out, the software I write will show it when you hover the link.

But hey, mastodon does not use it, so there is nothing we can do :(

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