Hi guys!
Finally I've made publicly visible my trailer of Sunset Drive on PeerTube! Check it out!

👉 @gmate8.peertube


🥁 Drumroll please! 🥁
This is the trailer of my old Rally project! Hope you will like it! :) 😀


artblox_406@beta.birdsite.live - [RT @hlelo_wolrd]
Autostrada's highly configurable driver assist lends itself to a super intuitive driving experience that rewards drivers who know racing fundamentals, while also accommodating drivers who just want to whip it around track.


Should I open up Sunset Drive, even if it is in alpha? (The map is not finished)

noisonstudios@beta.birdsite.live - After a long time with no Previews, we have finally decided to do a big Preview again! Have a look at the starter menu for Archery! This thing looks epic🎯

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With a bit of ideas and a great development team, everything is possible! Who is ready to play the first 2D game on roblox? Because I sure am!

has made a Developer Forum post regarding the recently released Community Space. The article includes a list of social features included in the Space that are currently in development.

DevForum: devforum.roblox.com/t/roblox-c

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The new Roverse update is live! Tons of bug fixes + you can now rotate the Camera! Build mode has also been improved, with quick select slots to let you place furniture much more quickly on mobile.


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Hanging out with a few friends in a user-created room in ! Character heads bob while speaking, look at nearby speakers, and show type notifications!

Roblox's lighting engine has gotten amazing! t.co/PkKUauSruL

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Luau multithreading is truly a marvel. I'm updating almost 15,000 bones a frame here at a full 60FPS.

Whoever worked on this feature over @Roblox@twitter.com have really outdone themselves. Multithreading is extremely powerful!


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Spent today making some cute little italian homes! It's nice to work on something different once in a while.

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