Hi guys!
Finally I've made publicly visible my trailer of Sunset Drive on PeerTube! Check it out!

👉 @gmate8.peertube


After a long time of thinking, I decided to open source all of my places, and announce I'm retiring of developing games at in any form. But please, if you will use my work, credit me. I may still play games sometimes, but now, this is not in my main focus. I hope you will understand, thank you ❤️
(Also, I opened up Sunset Drive finally)


🥁 Drumroll please! 🥁
This is the trailer of my old Rally project! Hope you will like it! :) 😀


Dear followers of mine, please take a look and follow @morxemplum! :ablobcatattention:
He makes really good videos about alternative platforms and Linux! You can find him on YouTube with 'gamewebcam'

I'm planning to release a couple of old and new videos to my PeerTube account! Stay tuned, and follow @gmate8.peertube

I see Arseny Kapoulkine started to bother with GNU programs. Maybe Roblox for Linux is in the works already.

Studio is working again after reinstalled for !!!!
And the mouse bug is fixed!

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