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Roblox will be removing the ability to login with Facebook soon. If you log in to a Roblox account using Facebook, you will be required to add a password to your account. Once you add a password, you will no longer be able to log in with Facebook.

Oh my god
really becoming open source? - [RT @zeuxcg]
Thrilled to announce that Luau, a gradually typed language derived from Lua we've been working on for a few years now, is open-source! 🎉

You can read the full announcement here:
And get the repository here:

RT @bloxy_news

If your experience has an update that is spooky, scary, or celebrates the spirit of Halloween, and you would like to have your experience featured on the upcoming extended "Halloween" sort, fill out the survey by this Wednesday (11/3): - [RT @hlelo_wolrd]
Autostrada's highly configurable driver assist lends itself to a super intuitive driving experience that rewards drivers who know racing fundamentals, while also accommodating drivers who just want to whip it around track.


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Player now works as a standalone Roblox app now

is down
Just notifying you in case you experience issues

Should I open up Sunset Drive, even if it is in alpha? (The map is not finished)

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