Only 19 more hours until the weekend. Maybe get a convoy going in #ETS2 or #ATS with the fedifolk? I'm pretty close to discovering every city in eastern Europe and for some reason everything in Wyoming decided it's not discovered anymore.
@StampedingLonghorn @blumlaut

4 is really good! Vulkan is extremely fun and cool!

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░ 50%

After more than a year of development, yesterday our @Minetest server (A.E.S.) reached the first place in the public servers list. We're so so happy ❤️❤️❤️

#minetest #freesoftware #videogames

i opened bluestacks and streamed it on discord with my friends
we had fun playing random games and everything
but there was this developer called "unicorn studio", all of their games had poppy playtime, fnaf and among us in it
they were FULL of shit like women moans and powers like "badboy" that made you clap butts of other characters
not only that but they also advertised using stolen fnaf anime fanart with censored boobs being the main thing (it was an ad for a poppy playtime game, not even fnaf)????
reminder: its for games with little kids as their target audience 🤨

@Gina It just matters if you do it for a large amount of time.

@Gina No, you won't. I tried it, I did eat sugar and unhealthy food for 1 and a half week and no, you will gain barely any kilos. :)

I’d like to sit Max down right on my face. And Eleven has developed a real nice set of hips and a great butt.


Omg that #strangerthings season finale had me screaming and in tears the whole time :blob_cat_heart: It was amaaaazing

Last chance to take part in the Godot Game Engine community poll 2022!

I've sent my answers in already :)

#GameDev #IndieDev #GodotEngine #Godot

@Gargron you said you want Mastodon to be original on the blog post

At least bring back the toot button pleaseee :)

By the way, I can only recommend the app. Real help from professionals. I am now eating more ! I don't need it anymore because I have the knowledge in my head now, but it helped me much back in the day.

What do you mean #GitHub is not #opensource ?

I can right click and view it right there! /s

Holy shit, the Stranger Things 4 finale was such a roller coaster. I need some time to recover, like emotionally.


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