Stop terrorist alert for snow!!! snow its part of our life!!! no too fear

how to synthesizer the bass sound of snow? a mix of pulse and square? more pulse or more square???

the work continue... other emulator added to the distro

any1 can make a server using the ascii ? its a big project... not easy... im would to be able to do this... but in the future... for now im not able... another interesting and not too much know to people its the i try to compile with no success

today i try to build with libsdl with no success... only the version with 3 and no-gtk-3 but i want to do it!!! the problem its lbsdl version error... i must extract the module and delete the package (manually) and insert new package... and after i try to set an old printer with cup with no succes anymore... i must try on ubuntu... ok a good day now in my distro i can play games!!! but i want make sdl version to get fullscrenn and framebuffer too!!!

yess!!! atom compiled!!! and make a module... a little problem with and the path... but resolved... it works!!! i never try this old bit computer now i havent time but its interesting!!! yeaaa use awk sed grep its easy if u cant resolve i send the code on the next hour

i have a question its possible or exist a for and same things to the a sort of private and friendship most human relations between people were the vendor its vendor and express courier at same time.... this can help the little sellers and can beat the dictatorial power of ... it can be possible?

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Tonight i tried not to cry when seeing the defeat of it was the first to have facilitated the rise to power of a dictatorial world government and we Italians know how much he hurt us now luckily he has less power and it will not be easy for him to govern italy... a new hope for all free people of this world the its near us!!!

Yes!!! i finish to compile for my distro how i created... a fork of with and no desktop environment!!! (only ) im happy!!! i like too much the mz700 latest november i study manual for it and try on an emulator with wine but now i can use on my os... i think to study mz700 assembly but now its not a priority... now i wanna continue to release the alpha or prealpha version of this os i must make some other emu module...

when i watch the federation toot... there is no presence of mega evil intelligence... nice!!!! this is my second day of my !!!

today im working to leave some from my garden... very hard to do but its a nice plant

Tekno and rave make me very happy!!! sometimes too exalted this set its the story of my live its not only a music who i listen... it speak about me and my friends we make a revolution on if u are an expert listener or producer or this is the diamond, the best of all!!!

Bene sono confuso un po ancora comunque seguo le istruzioni di joinmastodon... e cerco di fare il mio primo post con hastag... sono gnufede86 e i miei interessi sono la musica e qualche volta ho un sacco di progetti e ora sto lavorando da settembre su una basata su porteus fortemente ata con kernel sono fan di e progetto un e piu sono digital enginering , amo i moltissimo

nice im joining mastodon!!! facebook destroy my minds a very horrorific experience ... i hope federate social be different... i try now!!!


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