I'm back. I had an aortic aneurysm and nearly died. After life-saving open heart surgery and 26 days in the hospital, I'm back home for months of recovery. I'm feeling well and lucky to be alive.

I love how when you lose to a cheater on lichess.org, when they catch him they call it a "refund" of rating points. "You were refunded 14 rating points." Don't spend them all in one place!

Q. What are your personal pronouns?
Me: None. All of my nouns are maintaining their amateur status for the Olympics.

Did you know that nearly every game of FreeCell is winnable? The first unwinnable game is #11982. (this is using the standard numbering system that I use in all of my games).

I have a video on how to play at Goodsol.com/games/freecell.html

So here is something absolutely no one is talking about today....

Exactly 40 years ago today I was in high school German class when an announcement came over the loudspeaker that the hostages were freed in Iran. Shortly after that Reagan was sworn in as President.

Today it seems no one remembers what a big thing that was.

Good morning! The sun is shining, markets are about to open, and a cat is chasing her tail in the window. Let's get this week going.

Good evening, . I have seen no news today, did anyone do anything stupid today?

I'm considering becoming a rebel and moving 1. e4 instead of 1. d4.

The game that many people call just solitaire is actually the game known as Klondike. It dates back to around 1900 and while very popular, didn't become known as THE solitaire game until a version of it was included in an early version of Windows.

How unpopular is the idea that the original Star Wars trilogy is the only good Star Wars? Am I alone in this?

There is some moist, white stuff falling from the sky and I don't approve of it at all.

OK, it is time for me to sit down and write my email newsletter. It's been going since 1997 and this will be #379. Gotta come up with something to say.

Both the stock market and one of my cats are simultaneously vomiting right now.

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