Mastodon does not store passwords in plain text. This is trivial to confirm as Mastodon is an open-source project. We use the bcrypt algorithm for one-way hashing of passwords. I can't believe someone is spreading misinformation about something so trivial to debunk.

Wonnie is going back to work! Today is another promotion on show champion and I'm so excited for today. Continuing the journey for the rehearsal today with a comfy big jacket to stay warm inside. See you at the live stage, orbit!


a thread. help boost.

When you about to make a toot (tweet) there's an icon like globe icon down there, and if you click on that icon, it will appears like this and you have to choose 'DIRECT'.

and just put base' username so it will appear on our DM tab.

Fellow ENG RPs, if you happen to see this tweet and don't mind with a sudden follow, please do give it a boost OR a reply- anything is fine! I'll hit y'all up later on. :cate: What do I offer? Candies (from Halloween, I've got so many that I couldn't finish them all lmao)! 🎃

I'll see y'all in bit! :welp:

If you stumble upon this toot and an English speaker, spare me a hi or shoot me a follow. Let's be mutuals here.

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