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Finally was able to run all my music stuff under linux and deleted windows from my main pc once and for all :clippy:

Hello Fediverse, no one wanted it but I have returned

I need to find a way to make a bot army so I can spam the music I make. Every day it goes I'm more convinced it's the only way

Wrote my first bash script. I can feel my brain getting bigger

Official "in development" itch page is up for Starscan! If you're interested in playing it or just want to check it out, please do. :)


Take the helm as captain of the Deep Space Colony Vessel Starscan, exploring procedurally generated sector space to search for the remnants of ancient civilizations and find clues to understand the coming Great Filter. Can you find your way through the sector, manage your meager resources, protect your crew from surface and orbital hazards, and save humanity?

Humanity awaits your bold answer.

#Gaming #Gameing #RetroGaming #GameDev #IndieDev #Godot #GodotEngine

thinking on me in a job interview

interviewer: so in your website "" you stated that you hate the technology that you're going to use with use?
me: Yes, sir
Interviewer: And in you stated that you hate capitalism, corporations, that you're anarchist and you wish to be a squatter?
Me: Yes, sir

Playing around with Godot and the 3d subway station I made with Crocotile

More of this 3d thing, now making my own tileset (based on the Buenos Aires subway)

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