I'm finally on Gemini! ♊
Check out my capsule here: gemini://gem.grafovolaverunt.x
Also, thanks to @ChrisWere for his tutorial on how to set everything up, it was really helpful 😀

♊ 🚀


I need your #feedback!
send me your opinion / question about my capsule!

➡️ XMPP MUC: discrust@muc.creep.im
➡️ IRC: ##neokatechumenat (Freenode)

#gemini #capsule #gemlog #XMPP #IRC #MUC #thermonuclear_capsule #discrust

“It's almost like stealing people's data and giving it to a hyper-intelligent AI as part of an unregulated tech monopoly was a bad thing.”

Finally sold some of my music on Bandcamp. It feels good to make some bucks back at last. Here is the link to it btw: grafovolaverunt.bandcamp.com/

the "opening the ark of the covenant" scene from indiana jones is what would happen to me if i ever watched anime

@chriswere Hello Chris! is this Trendy Talk going to be on Gemini too??

i have obtained the giant enemy spider knowledge 

@AgathaSorceress niiice!🎸

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