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Maybe someone here knows how. I'm trying to open a local gmi file on amfora but so far no luck. Can I even do that??

Sometimes I wonder why I keep torturing myself by trying to make music

Hierarchies disgust me. No one is my superior for the same reason no one is my inferior. If we cannot learn to make things work as equals, humanity will never graduate into adulthood.

Hi Fediverse! I'm trying to dive more into Gemini ♊. Any capsule recomendation???

And also related to this, I hate how Android abstracts and hides the filesystem. Like, there's no real sense of folder hierarchy structure or anything, it's truly horrible to navigate or use

Also it has the side effect of not teaching people how to use them. A folder? What's that?
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My favorite social network is all of us having our personal sites and being subscribed to each other's RSS feeds.

everyone: "something something prince phillip"

my brain: "ah, yes, phillip price, CEO of e-corp"

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