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Since this website is like Twitter I'm assuming I would talk to people here about the same things I talk about on Twitter, but who knows.

There I talk mostly about urban transportation (trying to shift away from the car-centric approach -> transit, bikes, walkability), housing policy and other political issues.

A tad smoggy today, but clear enough to see Diablo…and of course, the other city features

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I try to keep the French broom out of frame in my park photos, like I try to keep cars out of frame in my street photos. No one wants to see the invasive species.

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TIL the Myra/Dalewood entrance to has a bike rack!

This is a very punishing way to bike to the park bc of hills, so I’d recommend the La Bica/Rockdale entrance, but it’s not a bad bike-on-bus option with the 36 stopping here.

Before saying or doing anything at all, I ask myself: "Is this really necessary?" It isn't, so I return to the couch.

After years of placing my alarm across the room to force myself to get up, I'm now really practiced at getting up from bed, leaning forward over my desk, hitting snooze, and collapsing back into bed all in one spare, economical, continuous motion.

336 4/6*


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335 4/6*


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Here's a reading by Mc Allen of Bob Kaufman's poem "All the Ships That Never Sailed," from last October's ride.

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The free Ride in SF is tomorrow at 12:45pm, starting from Jack London Alley in South Park.

I went on last year's and it's how I discovered Bob Kaufman, incredible local poet. Highly recommend the ride, and also Kaufman's anthology that you can buy at City Lights at the end of the ride!

Then I stopped by SF Bike's station on the , and went into lizard mode on the beach for a bit. Great day!

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Made a terrible (but delicious) mistake at Beach'N today.

I got the "half order" of French toast sticks (left) along with my tofu scramble, thinking I was getting an entree and a side. Whoops. Way too much of a feast.

Seems like smart climate policy not to waive parking *maximums* as a density bonus concession (but allow waiving minimums). The density bonus is for increasing housing, not parking.

I'd love to see Scott Wiener and Dean Preston collaborate on this fix!

Carbon offsetting is mostly a scam. The term needs to be reserved only for projects that:

a) increase net carbon sinks when taking into account the entire lifecycle emissions from construction and maintenance,
b) can be completed without violating any other planetary boundaries (biodiversity, fresh water, chemical pollution, etc), and
c) would not happen on their own without the offsetting project.

So reforestation of destroyed land, and almost nothing else.

Remembering Tess Rothstein, who a truck driver killed here at 6th and Howard; Kate Slattery; and Amelie Le Moullac.

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Gashaw Clark’s mother spoke at the rededication of her son’s ghost bike at 3rd and Mission Bay Blvd

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This bike also memorializes Cheng Jin Lai; Russell Franklin (who Taylor A. spoke about); Carmen Murillo; and Harold Swaggard

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Dedicating a new ghost bike for Charles Vinson at 14th and Folsom.

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It occurs to me that the "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory inverts the settler colonial project's dispossession, removal, and elimination, turning occupier into victim. It is borne of subconscious guilt and shame, and is expressed as hate & violence.

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