Up Brazil Ave (hi 52 bus!) to the woefully un-advertised car-free connection into McLaren Park.

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New markings on the soon to be formerly 😢 car-free stretch of MLK Drive.

K-rail will divide the road in two. Half to walk and roll, half for eastbound cut-through traffic.

A compromise to lock in and other spaces in permanently. Worth it, but wish we didn't have to compromise. The cars could just have gone on Lincoln Way.

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It’s essential to caffeinate

27, 33, and 22 bus all in a line. And the 16th Street improvement project to speed them up.

Good news/bad news: I just missed Linea’s opening hours so no cappuccino for me, but since they have the public kind of with built-in seating, I can still soak up the sun here.

Riding the dinky* up the hill of Dolores Park

*Built in 1896, by 1906 it was considered obsolete as a passenger car because it was too small!

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Boat tram with friends! If you missed it, boat boi will be out tomorrow 10-4 (if it doesn't rain).

SF is usually good about making sure when construction blocks the sidewalk, there are protected walking lanes to replace it—seen here on both sides of Bryant St.

Protest at Mission & 3rd St in SF where two pedestrians were killed last week.

This is deeply frustrating as one of the people who told the City the 2019 redesign of 3rd St was unsafe, and was ignored.

The City claims to believe in but actually uses car-centric traffic engineering principles to design streets like this. (more: twitter.com/safestreetrebel/st)

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