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This project was able to provide naturally affordable housing without subsidy, because of how hideous it is. Another success story for Missing Taste Housing.

BART is also adding new bike stair channels, like 16th St Mission has, so you can roll your bike up and down the stairs.

Stair channels are coming to:
-19th St Oakland
-12th St Oakland City Center
-Lake Merritt
-Walnut Creek
-Civic Center
-24th St Mission

Source: and

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Good news for bikes on transit: published a guide to their elevator dimensions so you can figure out if your e-bike / cargo bike will fit.

...Except I'm not French, so it'd probably have been better to post a different Kharms story.

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I never make ironic posts.

...hahaha gotcha, I was being ironic! I do make them.

it’s time to start a union,
it’s time to organize.
it’s time for labor power
on the muppet show tonight

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i think i am goig to Destroy single family home zoning

its basically just extremely inefficient white supremacy ableism privilege boxes nothing good has ever come out of it

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Charles Booker just won the democratic primary election for Senator in Kentucky. I’m so excited I get to vote for him this fall! Let’s show Rand Paul the door! 🎉

cars have brought so much joy to so many through out the years that we've had them. from big car lads who like to go in the car and make it do noises, to little old ladies who like to drive it to the shop once only. there's no denying every one of us has all been affected by cars at least once. however, they're now banned.

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Ignorance truly is bliss, re: colorful plants you see everywhere and might otherwise consider pretty being invasive species. (Lookin' at you, Raphanus raphanistrum)

Talked myself down from buying five books in the Verso sale to just one. Please clap for this amazing display of self-discipline. Adulting!

The noise at BART’s freeway-median stations is deafening. There’s no funding to build sound walls. Yet these ads are here.

Could we make a continuous sound wall out of ads? 🤔

lake merced is so nice that it's extra fucked how bad the traffic and golf course situation around it is

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