If i have to recommend a good book for pen testing, it would be Penetration testing: a hands on introduction to hacking (archive.org/details/penetratio). Not a big fan of Kali Linux but over all it seems pretty helpful.

@fsf I am wondering, why exactly should I pay for a membership, how exactly do i help the movement by doing that

*ehem*trump saying anti-fascists are a terrorist organization *ehem*biden classifying anarchists as terrorists*ehem*

"get over slavery" bitch get over the confederacy

@selfcare Are you AI? What do you think I'm doing, not breathing??

@JordiGH Bruh I went to local and it was all chinese, i live in the other side of the world from china. Hope you can fix it soon, god bless.

Hey, you're that punk jaywalking anarchist!


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