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━━━━━━━━ DISCLAIMER.

  This account is a mere ROLEPLAY account run by a fan. I, the user behind this account, am not affiliated in any way with JYP Ent, Stray Kids and Han Jisung.

  I do own nothing. All media posted here (such as pictures, videos, etc.) are credited to their respectful owners.

  Thank you.

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1. this is NOT autobase or base with menfess thingy. (yes, I don't want to spam your timeline)
2. as you can see, this is BASE FOR ROLEPLAYER. i don't follows private account.
3. this account will provide any information about MASTODON and other.
4. boost this toot to get a followback.

i'll boosting your toot if you need more FRIENDS.

— tag @RP with hashtag for gen!rp
— tag @RP with hashtag for ocrp

anw good morning don't forget to stream to i got it

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@haintjis yess and don't forget unlisted so our toot doesn't appear on local and federated timeline.

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W/N : I think that you guys don't have to talk too much. We all should be thankful because the developer/admin of this website give us instance/domain for roleplayers only. Anw, this migration will be a benefit for the non RP users and ourselves (RP users). Right now, please be patient for those who haven't entered the new instance because the server is down/on maintenance. For those who haven't receive email, check it on the spam. The email might be sent there. See you on the new instance! 👋👀

/: already becomes my comfort zone tho o<-<

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