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Realized I never posted an so here goes:

Hi! I'm Duston (he/him), I live in Vancouver and work backstage in live performance, communications, and performing arts project coordination.

Personally, I'm really interested in computers and technology, fancy stationary, good coffee, good food, and watching clouds.

Happy for people to follow/unfollow and to start conversations :Blobhaj:

it's officially "I'm only watching queer tv/movies" month

manifesting a Hot Boy Summer

(but with mild weather and occasional rain)

Pool season update: was just chatting with a neighbour in the elevator who says the pool is not only heated but the water is "hot" (after swimming 50 laps in the rain)

I tried to see for myself coming back from my walk but the gate wouldn't open (I think because it was after 10 PM. Will investigate tomorrow.)

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Also Happy pride month! I've come a long way in accepting my own identity in the past few years, and I'm glad to feel like I'm in a place of celebration :progresspride_flag: :sparklesGay:

Oh well, I need to buy a new swimsuit anyway and this gives me time to do so…

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My building opened the outdoor pool Weeks ago and I have been very tempted, but it hasn’t been over 20º once

(The pool is not heated)

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Your reminder today that you're NOT a burden and never were.

Take the shit out of all the space you need. :anarchoheart3:

Went for a walk today and even though I'm here... Weekly... I still can't believe The Barge is still There

I'm wondering what other people do to find bits of joy or fun during the workday?

Things have been pretty hectic lately and my usual "use nice stationery for notes" and "walk outside or practice a hobby during the lunch break" just haven't been cutting it...

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also idk if I've mentioned this or not but I am having a genuinely good & fun time posting & interacting on the fediverse!

I love that I feel more like I'm talking to Real People who Engage Helpfully with my posts than everyone Collectively Venting Near each other...

I don't know if I ever updated this but, yes, the wasp DID leave on its own

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Ever feel like you are singlehandedly keeping the café in your office complex in business?

(Or that they are the some force keeping you from meeting your budget?)

I am so, so glad today is a holiday (I really needed it)

It is 20°c today and I feel like a new, light & breezy person

well a large wasp just flew in my kitchen window and is hanging out above the fridge...

If I leave it alone, it will leave, right?

update I bought this outfit plus a pair of normal black jeans

You can't see it well in the photo but the pants are v wide and v fun

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I said this last year but I am Here for the comeback of flowy linen clothes

I don't have a very cohesive sense of personal style and I've always wanted to be Better at that too

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