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Yes! Refuse becoming a boring adult. Stay silly, stay angry. :ablobcatattentionreverse: 👊

"For extremely frustrating reasons, society defines being mature as being boring and conservative."

Kul nytt problem. Schenker låter mig inte ta emot ett paket med Bank-ID för "namnet stämmer inte med adressaten" – för att avsändaren har använt alla mina tre förnamn ur folkbokföringen och Schenkers system bara registrerar det första, som inte är mitt tilltalsnamn. 😒

Vems fel är det här? Schenkers? Avsändarens? Bank-ID:s? Mina föräldrars? 😩

Tack o lov att Schenker åtminstone hade en trevlig(?!) kundtjänstchatt, så nu har allt löst sig, men ändå …

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Fatta att jag i år har frilansat i 15 år O.O (Fattar ärligt inte själv; blir förvånad varje gång jag får ett nytt uppdrag.)

🍰 ☕ till mig.

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Work, project management [+/-] 

This has been a rather tiresome and unpleasant job from the start, but it is amusing how it's following the script for every other tiresome and unpleasant job I've done. 😁 Everyone is playing their scripted roles perfectly and it's amusing me.

Please think of me as I field "some comments from the CEO" during the editing stage … 😒

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Tiny achievement 

I figured out a formula error in a spreadsheet all by myself. :flan_dance: 📈

shower thoughts 

Did you practice the Vulcan salute as a kid, or were you one of the popular kids in school?


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large body of water, (live) crustaceans, wild animals, implied non-vegan food 

It's that time of the year again, when we brave the idyllic waters of inland lakes and haul many-legged, pincer-wielding beasts from their dark depths...

Had a very pleasant morning on the lake with my sister and a decent haul of crayfish. 🦞 🚣

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Calling a kid's preference for talking to people through the computer an internet addiction is an awesome way to pathologize their neurodiversity

Filed under shit my parents said instead of taking me to a fuckin doctor

Apparently I have been in the Fediverse long enough* to be considering installing Linux on one of my old laptops. It's been 15 years or so since the last time I tried.

* "Long enough" in this context appears to be 3 months.

Boring joke 

If you're snoring anywhere else you are out of luck. No help for you.

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"The cumulative human impacts of the climate emergency also shape the overall migration picture. But right now, it’s the threat to food supplies posed by Vladimir Putin’s Black Sea blockade, and resulting shortages, price inflation and instability, that is the big new factor. For Putin, migration, like energy and food, is a weapon of war to aim at Europe’s heart."

Putin spent the last 20 years grooming far-right leaders and movements in the EU, now he's about to unleash the perfect storm to get them elected and pay their debt.

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harassment on fedi, unsafe blocking 

blocks on fedi aren't necessarily safe, private, or might not even work as you expect.

if you block a remote user, this spawns a federating message which can be abused. let me explain. 🧵👇 (1/5)

I really need to move this account to a better instance … 😔 (I thought I had made my mind up about where but apparently I was wrong.)

My Home feed is (by choice) fairly slow at certain times of day (night). Sometimes it's just @scream and @botequippedwith interlaced in a steady back and forth and it is somewhat poetic …

This exchange was particularly captivating:

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an internet where when people talk about something that's specific to a region or polity, they actually say that

The oldest draft message in my current main email account is from 2003 … x_o

(It's a (I think) overheard quote from college, but I only wrote down the quote itself, not who said it or what the circumstances were … >.>)

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Lake, large body of water 

Went for a swim in the lake with my sister. There was no one else around. It was a great afternoon.

#Nature #WildSwimming

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