I might have accidentally got addicted to these. And there’s only 10 in the packet. Google’s “How to make money to support my new ginger habit”. Googles “why are there only 10 lollies in a packet of gin-gins?” Why? *sobs*

@heyrochelle I have a pack hidden in the drawer of my home office. Thanks for reminding me about them.

@heyrochelle Bit of a learning curve on here. I'm just trying to wrap my head around it myself.

@heyrochelle they also are sometimes upside down or rotated 90⁰ 🤣🥴👍

Upside down I think it's because I've taken it in landscape on my phone & it must think my phone should be up the OTHER way!! Okay 😂

Rotated 90⁰ seems to be if your photo is longer than it is wide... I found if I drop them down to more SQUARE it doesn't do it... but some photos are definitely not "square" or even close to square so that's a bit 🙄 my workaround may not be the correct solution or even a solution 🤦‍♀️🥴😂

@heyrochelle CROP to square!

Autocarrot don't you have bird to feed or something 🤨

@heyrochelle These are SO good. And so addictive. And SOOOOOO expensive. And so disappointingly few in a packet, indeed.

Totally with you if you find a way to home-manufacture some of this crack...

@SnarkMaiden @heyrochelle Seems that I am taking the blame for a lot of things recently. 🤷

You'll have to take a ticket and wait your turn to raise a grievance.

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