I am so confused rn. I set up a new account @heyrochelle@cloudisland.nz & I couldn’t transfer my follows/followers there yet so if you see me twice, it’s me being lost while I get myself working properly 😄

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@postingdad well you look great! I do like it longer but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Contains two selfies 

@postingdad definitely professional. Exactly how professional do you need to be for work tho?

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@aurynn thanks Aurynn. I looked at cloud island & I see it’s a paid account. I’d like to be able to support it but I’m on a benefit, so it is not feasible unfortunately. I hope I haven’t wasted your time. You’ve been really helpful. I appreciate you getting paid for doing this. Too many people don’t & should.

I read a couple of your blogposts & I love it, I can’t tell you how much bc big feelings. Thank you 🧡

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@heyrochelle It's really easy to switch, but there's a bug with the current software version that causes an error 😞

You set up an account on the new instance, then in "Preferences" there's an Alias functionality. You fill that in, and all your followers and followees from the old account get migrated to the new one!

@aurynn Does the bug prevent switching or does it just make it look like it isn’t working? Tyvm for your help.

@dznz @sallyprovan @greeniememes No stress - all fixed. I was trying to log in to mastodon.social rather than mastodon.online. Such a simple mistake & it took much longer than it should have to work out 🤦🏻‍♀️

@sallyprovan all good I was trying to log in to mastodon.social when I’m on mastodon.online. That is a new low. I hadn’t even made a new one yet 🙄 I need a break!

@dznz @sallyprovan @greeniememes want to bet? 😄 I’m currently trying to figure out why I can’t log in to my account from my browsers, using the email & password I signed up with that’s in my pw manager & that I have a written record of 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m only here bc I’m logged in on the mastodon app. I did set up 2FA but there’s no option to log in with that on the front page.

@aurynn I saw & 😍 So cool to have it all local & to be able to choose a community with values that match my own. I’m trying to find the instructions I saw on how to switch, but no luck at the moment.

@aurynn I wondered. I should switch to a local instance. I like the idea of being hosted in Aotearoa.

@aurynn is it from the big influx from Twitter? I’m assuming we brought some nastiness with us.

@phil_tanner @sallyprovan Good to keep in mind. I’m just in a bad crash atm so my brain isn’t up to it. I don’t mind losing content, but Sally might.

@aurynn I’m so glad that you can do that. Some people are overly concerned about other people’s business 😔 Sorry you got that.

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@aurynn congratulations! That’s a huge deal 🧡

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I want to migrate my account to mastodon.nz but I am afraid of fucking it up in some improbably world-destroying way

@SupDoc12 😂 I’m sure they’ll cope. I need to go read the rules. And since most people I’m interacting with are on @mastodon.nz or @cloudisland.nz (I think) I need to read their rules too so I don’t get blocked!

@sallyprovan me too. I’m just going to hold off until I have the capacity to deal with it. So it could be a while. I found using mastodon.nz in the search bar helped me find people 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s lovely to see you here!

@gingereejit take care. It’s horrid, I’m sorry you have it. Bed is the best place to be under the circumstances. The aches are nasty, but it’ll get better.

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