So this is my first toot (?). Here's a nice picture of the studio to celebrate.

@Jpofgwynedd Thank you! Anything and everything really. Clients tend toward the rock, indie and electronica side of things, but also folk and singer songwriter.

@highpeakrecs Mmm. That's great. If I ever have the money to put some of my dreams into motion, I'll look you up!

@highpeakrecs Pop this into the old mental microwave and see what goes ping!
"Amazing Grace" set to the instrumental of "I Wish That I Knew How It Felt To Be Free..."
Or even wilder, merging the Alleluiah Chorus with Bach's Toccata and fugue (the famous one)...then putting a rocky spin on it...
Ideas I got.
Skill and money and contact I don't (lol)

@Jpofgwynedd now these are the sorts of ideas I can really get on board with!! Do you have an iPad? There are some amazing apps for very little cash that can get you started in music production . For such bonkers mashups like that, I’d start there. Hope this helps

@highpeakrecs I'm an android only kinda guy... I've tried various ways of doing things, and the BEST way for me to get stuff done is to work with musicians and singers as a director... the same with the tech side (it's changed so much, I have... certain difficulties).
Another I've done (at home) is to use the words of Numan's Bombers on Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. THAT works also.

@highpeakrecs ...and don't feel like you're stealing ideas if you suddenly decide to have a fiddle with things - I say that just for the record.

@highpeakrecs i dont like the dead animals but it is really beautiful :star_eyes:

@highpeakrecs what a beautiful studio, I am a bit jealous :D

@PaulNickson thank you! There are indeed - 1031a's. Old model but ace (with a subwoofer)

@tattooed_mummy haha! There is a mezzanine level which is ideal for such vanity shots.

@highpeakrecs looks amazing. Love the trophies and sculls vibe in a clean looking light room.

@highpeakrecs Nice! PS. I’d add your location to your bio so nearby folks know you exist :)

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