A more solid .

I'm Bon. I run High Peak Recordings - a music studio in Derbyshire, UK.

I'm interested in connecting with people who are into , , and anything related (art, experiments, etc.). I love .

I play in @flangecircus and Zirkus. Former = haunted electronic rock music. Latter = spooked out drone (with @PeterPotato)

I like walking in hills. I love cats. I hate Tories.

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@highpeakrecs @flangecircus @PeterPotato

I am into #musicproduction and anything #sonic related. I am currently working on an EP where I do most of the production on my own and I am learning A LOT :D

(I also love cats. And dislike Tories, as well as any equivalent)

@aaron @flangecircus @PeterPotato wonderful! Difficult to tell if that’s a happy meow or an angry one as they’re in the bath. Either way - ace cat!

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