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Amiguetes! Quisiera ofrecerle a gente subrepresentada la oportunidad de charlar 1:1 por 30m y ofrecer consejos de carrera tech gratis.

Si te interesa aprender a programar, ser independiente, encontrar trabajo, dar charlas de conferencia, hablemos!
Mandame un DM y hacemos hora 💜

From today's Playdate stream:

Making our pixel pet do tippy taps and getting overwhelmed with excitement 😭😂💜

Wanna see @hola_soy_milk, @g0g0gadget and me (from the backseat) try figure out how to build an FPS limiter into an actual Rust-Wasm game (of life)? Then check out this week's live stream, it was quite a rollercoaster ride! :D

Stop making custom autocompletes. Just use <datalist>. It's an enhancement.

Always cool to be in a country where I speak the language at a semi competent level :D (hello from Tenerife!)

Hi, I'm Camila, a game developer & artist from Chile, currently developing Long Gone Days.

⚡️ Released Games:
⚡️ Instagram:
⚡️ More Links:

#MastoArt #art #introduction #PixelArt #gamedev

Had the honour yesterday of giving my first ever workshop in Spanish on the fundamentals of TypeScript. Couldn’t have asked for a better set of attendees. Had some great questions and discussions.

Thank you so much 💜

Me: These are some rules.
Dog: Hmm, yes, I see, but how about tantrum?
Me: No I don’t think I-
Dog: Too late AAAAAA

Dog: I'm going to monch this cardboard box, thank you.
Me: Think it's best for the two of us if I put it away.
Dog: I understand. Alfonso, please clear my afternoon, I have a box to obsess over.

Ok let's me autocomplete emojis by typing a colon character and the name of the emoji. Instant win for me 💜

One thing I'm digging about this place is I feel a little more relaxed to just post whatever.

So... here's a sleepyhead

Getting unblocked on that thing that’s been weighing you down… this boi sings

Hey gang,
Our team are hiring. So your next job could be in cyber 😉

Two roles in our team. Pay up to £80k.

Cyber Security Assurance Expert
Cyber Security Risk Manager

Both promise fascinating work in a friendly and expanding team. Happy to chat privately if you want more info.

Gonna be live on stream today with @g0g0gadget and @hola_soy_milk !

We are going to be talking about #webassembly extensibility - that is, using WebAssembly to expand the functionality of software, one of the coolest Wasm usecases IMHO!

Tune in at 5PM UTC! :blobnomcookie:

Folks, I'm gonna ask some questions here about Mastodon instances and ActivityPub in general. I'd appreciate any answer or boost you folks can give me. ;-)

* Anyone know instances geared towards creative writing, and science fiction & fantasy fandoms?

* What is the current state of alternative ActivityPub implementations beyond Mastodon server? I'm aware of Pleroma.

The second question is because I might be considering running a server and I'd like something simpler than official Masto server

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