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Amiguetes! Quisiera ofrecerle a gente subrepresentada la oportunidad de charlar 1:1 por 30m y ofrecer consejos de carrera tech gratis.

Si te interesa aprender a programar, ser independiente, encontrar trabajo, dar charlas de conferencia, hablemos!
Mandame un DM y hacemos hora 💜

Finally getting to grips with using npm link for package development and wow this is so cool!!

The thing I love about custom keyboards is I can type in a way that's comfortable and new and kinda keeps the muscle memory fresh.

But!! There will often come a time where I'm like "Where the heck is the ampersand!!!" And spend ages going $ no, % no, page down no, $ no wait I already typed that

Doing a big ol' upgrade from Rails 4, Bootstrap 3, sprockets to webpacker.

It's been a day 😅

Keeping my cool, making changes in piecemeal fashion, making progress! Takes time and stuff will break.

It'll be ok 😬

Just reinstalled Windows and lived to tell the tale 😅

Gotta say the support for WSL2 is just so good I'm back in business super fast!

Made a small video about creating a droplet using #AppleScript just for the kicks.

If you have a mac, and never ever seen AppleScript in your life, this might be a revelation rsrsrs.

#Apple #programming

why'd they call it programmer socks when they coulda called it softwear

New blog post! ✍️

I've been giving some talks at conferences by pre-recording them, and wanted to share my experiences doing so as well as some of the hardware/software solutions I used. 🗣️

If you're keen on , check it out!

Xcode on testing app via Wifi: Phone not connected!!

Me: Ok they're both on the same Wifi

Xcode: Phone not connected!!

Me: Ok have a cable connection then

Xcode: Thank you fren, I will now crash


maybe...just maybe... people are actually performing to satisfactory levels according to their peers?

If you want an excuse to fire people just because they're not the "absolute best" according to YOU, then just do stacked ranking and stop pretending you're anything but a douche

The last few months have flown by!

I'm so thankful for the opportunity for me to try my hand at .

So here's the story of my first few months at CodeSee and as a developer advocate:

I'd love to hear your experiences too!

computer science, software engineering, software craftsmanship, software developer, hacker, artist

we choose whichever title is most suitable so we don't have to face consequences for the wrongs that our entire field keeps perpetuating

so we can keep dreaming the dream that we can change something, that not everything is already so thoroughly and hopelessly broken

you wouldn't wanna give in to hopelessness.
we wouldn't wanna give in to reality.

📚 Just published a long article about "Writing a Technical Book":

⚡️ ⚡️

Hope people here like it. Feel free to ask me anything.

#books #publishing #techwriting

RT for reach plz.

Me: You know I love you right

Partner: ... what does this have to do with Mario Kart

Spent all week working on a thing with webpack and it works!!!

It was the most stuck I've been in years!!

I need a coffee!!!!! Maybe I've had enough!!!

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