Just reinstalled Windows and lived to tell the tale 😅

Gotta say the support for WSL2 is just so good I'm back in business super fast!

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I just love dotfiles as a concept so much. All my mess back in place

@hola_soy_milk I recently moved my /home directory to a separate drive/partition and by now it's largely independent of the OS itself (still there are some stragglers but well).

My plan is to host it completely on my home nas going forward meaning I should be able to remotely use it from anywhere going forward and that feels exactly like that - not to have to worry about anything (lost, broken computer, repairs etc) feels so liberating!

@flakoot That sounds AMAZING. So kind of hosting your work online, did I understand correctly?

@lislis @hola_soy_milk since setting up my home nas/homeserver I have a BILLION ideas lol I wish I also had a time machine/time dilation device to execute on them all xD

@hola_soy_milk @lislis might need a beefier processor for all the quantum-machinations 🙈

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