Messed up my web server trying to update Ubuntu a few days ago and went into a cold sweat, as I wanted to upload some slides for a talk.

Fortunately, having a backup meant I could quickly get a new server running, restore and one quick DNS change later, I was back in business!

I realise now that just up and updating OS is probably not the best bet 😅

Thank goodness for backups!

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@hola_soy_milk yeah, i don't upgrade between major versions any more

i just roll a new server and move storage and DNS over, run puppet and i'm done with it

@meena Yeah, this seems like a good approach. Thinking about doing that when I need to actually upgrade, and not just because ooh shiny new major version :)

@hola_soy_milk when it comes to "production" systems (whatever that means), i prefer boring to shiny ;)

@hola_soy_milk a small camp fire camps you warm and you after it's served its purpose, you can stomp it out, easily.

not so much with a gigantic tyre fire.

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