From today's Playdate stream:

Making our pixel pet do tippy taps and getting overwhelmed with excitement 😭😂💜

One thing I'm digging about this place is I feel a little more relaxed to just post whatever.

So... here's a sleepyhead

So proud and overjoyed to report that my wife Birgit's finished what is notoriously one of the most difficult Bachelor degrees at the technical university here, Maschinenbau or Mechanical Engineering 💜 ✨

Y'all 😭 🥺 💜 a friend just stopped by and handed me this T-shirt, I can't handle it

That's me! Doing the pat pat! It's even got an outline for me to pat in the correct place!

For context it's a thing we do after every exercise in the free JS bootcamp I'm teaching but omg I'm so thankful

Welp I've been at my parents' place for a while, installed FGODMOM.EXE and DOSBox on their laptops, so I guess I'm no longer needed 😬 😅

Gosh I missed train rides so much. Uninterrupted writing time here we come 💜

Yes of course there are two sides to my brain, there's Statler on one side and Waldorf on the other, leaving me, trying to live my life, as Fozzy Bear

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