Finally getting to grips with using npm link for package development and wow this is so cool!!

The thing I love about custom keyboards is I can type in a way that's comfortable and new and kinda keeps the muscle memory fresh.

But!! There will often come a time where I'm like "Where the heck is the ampersand!!!" And spend ages going $ no, % no, page down no, $ no wait I already typed that

Doing a big ol' upgrade from Rails 4, Bootstrap 3, sprockets to webpacker.

It's been a day 😅

Keeping my cool, making changes in piecemeal fashion, making progress! Takes time and stuff will break.

It'll be ok 😬

@flakoot That sounds AMAZING. So kind of hosting your work online, did I understand correctly?

Just reinstalled Windows and lived to tell the tale 😅

Gotta say the support for WSL2 is just so good I'm back in business super fast!

@meena thank you! It’s indeed good practice. Of course all in moderation as it can get time consuming to restart a lot. 😆

Made a small video about creating a droplet using #AppleScript just for the kicks.

If you have a mac, and never ever seen AppleScript in your life, this might be a revelation rsrsrs.

#Apple #programming

why'd they call it programmer socks when they coulda called it softwear

New blog post! ✍️

I've been giving some talks at conferences by pre-recording them, and wanted to share my experiences doing so as well as some of the hardware/software solutions I used. 🗣️

If you're keen on , check it out!

Xcode on testing app via Wifi: Phone not connected!!

Me: Ok they're both on the same Wifi

Xcode: Phone not connected!!

Me: Ok have a cable connection then

Xcode: Thank you fren, I will now crash


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