Hi friends!

Please check out this old game me and my dad made together a few years ago (github.com/voximorg/Coventina-) which I just finished hacking to work on Android without SDL library calls.

It's name is Coventina and it's about satisfying a cuttlefish god with rings and coins.

The map is block based and since me and dad did a lot of the hard low level work already, it is now time to build on top.

To build it you will likely need android studio

For Linux: (github.com/voximorg/Coventina.)

#gamedev #android #sdl

I'm trying to repair my bro's laptop.

Model: MSI GS63
Motherboard: MS 16k41 (?)

The charging port is dead and it seems that I need to take out the motherboard to replace it.

I've done what I can to unfasten the MoBo, but there's still something keeping it in.

I believe there is one screw left which is inserted from the opposite side of the board. I don't know how to access it.

Last pic indicates issue.

#repair #laptoprepair #fastening #MSI #motherboard #boardremoval #electronics

Please tell me if this a good idea:

A website and Mastodon instance dedicated to being short. (Mainly short men)

Any opinions?

I'm trying to start a member owned investing, charity, public interest and activism organization named Green Empower (greenempower.org)

It's still very early stages, but if you are at all interested then please contact me at me@holdengreen.org .

No offense the web-devs at all, but like this is me using : Curse this ancient boomer language!

Hi everyone! I'm new to Mastodon and this is my first toot with my second account...

Please go to my (WIP) site holdengreen.org to find my older social accounts, if you would like to know me better.

I'm transitioning to my site and services/software like Mastodon in an effort to improve my life and be less dependent on proprietary and capitalistic services like Twt and IG.

Can't wait to learn and make connections here!


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