Giant magnet strong enough to lift an aircraft carrier on its way to France, it will form the core of the ITER prototype fusion reactor:

> the plan is to create 500 megawatts of usable energy from an input of 50 megawatts.

seems ambitious to skip past 1x straight to 10x. i've always doubted we'd have a productive fusion reactor in my lifetime but maybe i'm wrong! 2025 seems pretty close, i'm excited to see how far this technology gets.

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ITER is projected to achieve 500 MW of thermal power using 50 MW of heating power.

To get 500 MW of thermal power ITER will use from 110 MW up to 630 MW peak (for ~30 sec) of electrical power.

The produced heat energy will be vented - no electrical energy is will be produced.

DEMO (DEMOnstration power plant) is a followup project - EU DEMO is expected to operate after 2050., plans to use 80 MW of heating to get 2000 MW of thermal power and produce electrical energy.


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In comparison, typical fission reactors produce around 3000-3300 MW of thermal power and use thermodynamic cycles with efficiencies in the range of up to 38%, with about 5-8% of the produced gross electrical energy used in the plant itself; for net produced electrical power one can roughly take the figure of 1/3 of the thermal power (i.e. 1000-1100 MW for a typical reactor).

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