I wonder if I could cobble together some low-power, ergonomic, on-the-go hacking setup with an e-ink display, some sort of split keyboard, and one of the many tiny computer boards available today

@cwebber @technomancy I ordered keyboardio's Atreus to work with my kindleberrypi. I'll let you know how it works.


@cwebber @technomancy Works great. I wonder if I can get a cigar box to use as a case.

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@humberto Maybe it's just me somehow, but Google seems to be internally 500'ing out trying to load the video (at least when trying to download it). Could you provide it some other way as well?

@nothien I'll try uploading it to youtube later. The video is 250 MB, mastodon didn't appreciate my trying to upload it.

@humberto Okay, that's pretty awesome. I have a Kindle (Paperwhite) and a Pi too, looks like I have a new project to work on.

@humberto @cwebber @technomancy This looks like a dream, how is the latency between pressing a key and something happening on screen?

@conatus latency is not great on this model kindle touch. The newer paperwhites are better.

pretty awesome, do you have some advanced links and what is that keyboard?

@pcm @conatus I'm following max ogden's instructions to build the kindleberrypi raspberrypi.org/blog/kindleber
it's a rooted kindle touch sshing into a raspberry pi 4.

The keyboard is @technomancy Atreus, purchased from shop.keyboard.io/collections/k

alright, thank you!
the keyboard seems a bit small for my hands and I think I would take a raspberry zero w just for writing and have maybe a 18650 battery mod
@conatus @technomancy

@pcm it's not so small. The keys are full sized, and there's a gap between the two halves. Here's a picture comparing it to the raspberry pi official keyboard. The Atreus is actually wider from Q to P, it just has fewer keys. I miss Shift the most.

@pcm a zero W would make a great kindleberrypi with a bluetooth or USB On-the-go adapter.

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